Wednesday, January 31st

Deload Week Starts Today

DB Push Jerk 3×12@60% 1RM

Band Pull Aparts 3×12


7 Rounds for time of:

14 DB Deadlifts (40/25)

14 Alternating DB Shoulder Press

*Bonus WOD*

21-15-9 reps each of:

Calorie Row

Clapping Pushups


*Today is the last day to make up any Pre Open WODs so make sure you get them in!

*The CrossFit Open starts February 22nd.  Register online at

Tuesday, January 23rd

Pre Open WOD 7

5:00 to establish 3RM Back Squat

then from 5:00-15:00,

10:00 AMRAP of:

15-K2E’s (Scaled & Masters=hanging knee raise above parallel)

10/Arm, alternating DB Snatch (RX=50/35, Scaled=45/30, Masters=40/25)

5/Leg, alternating Pistol (Scaled & Masters=24/20″ step ups holding DB used in the snatch)


RX K2E’s=Knees must touch elbows each rep

DB Snatch=Must alternate hands each rep.  Both sides of DB must touch the floor.  Per new open rules db must exchange hands at or below eye level.  DB’s cannot be dropped, must touch the ground on the last rep.

Pistols/Step Ups=Must alternate legs each rep.  Must get below parallel and come to full extension with your opposite leg and foot in front of your body (you can hold your foot) before touching the ground with your opposite foot.  For Step Ups you must come to full extension at the top of the box while holding the DB at your chest.