Saturday, January 6th

Pre Open WOD 2

From 0:00-5:00:

Establish a 5RM Bench Press

(butt stays on bench, bar must touch chest all 5 reps and come to full extension)

From 5:00-13:00:

8:00 AMRAP of

8-Ring Dips

(scaled men use red band, women use blue band.  masters men use blue band, women use medium band)

8-CTB Pullups

(scaled & masters=ring rows)

50ft shuttle run in 25ft increments

(25ft=1 point)

From 13:00-15:00:

Max Ring Muscle Ups

(scaled & masters=unassisted pullups)

*Each pound on the bench press (weight of 5rm), rep, and 25ft shuttle run increment = 1 point.  Score = total points.*


*Saturday, January 13th is Cardinal Fitness Day at the Yum!.  The Cards play Virginia Tech at 4:00pm.  With the following link you can get discounted tickets as a CrossFit the Ville member!  After the game there will be a CrossFit wod on the court along with several other workout sessions.  Lets get a big group together and represent The Ville at the Yum center!  Family is invited as well.


*The next Strength Program will start January 7th.  Email Eric for more info:

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