Wednesday, July 4th

(Rest Day)

*Today we will have our annual free to all 4th of July workout at 9:00am.  This is a partner wod so bring a friend or come alone and we’ll pair you up!  Open gym will follow from 10am-1pm but the 9:00am class is the only class for the day.

4th of July Partner WOD

200FT Bear Crawl (as a team)
74 Burpees (partner holds a plank while the other burpees)
74 Wall Balls (20/14#, partner hollow rocks while the other throws wall balls)
74 KBS’s (53/35#, partner holds a back extension while the other swings the kettle bell)
74 Push Ups (partner planks in push up position while the other does pushups)
74 Sit Ups (partner does “dying cockroach” while the other does sit-ups)
74 Squats (partner does a squat hold at parallel while the other squats)
74 Pull Ups (partner holds themselves up at the top of a ring dip while the other does pull-ups)
740ft Sled Pull (135# total on sled, as a team)


*compare to 7/4/2016 & 7/4/2015