Sunday, August 12th

Back Squat 8-8-8@70%1RM

Glute Ham Raise 8-8-8


50-Double Unders

25-Pistols (total)

40-Double Unders


30-Double Unders


20-Double Unders


10-Double Unders


For time.



300Ft Sled Drag (Sled +90/45)

30 KBS (53/35)

For time.

*Get your 4 person (2 men/2 women) teams together now for True Grit 6!  RX and Scaled teams will battle it out for the 6th year at the Ville for cash prizes and other goodies.  September 15th.  Register by September 1st to ensure you get your t shirt on the day of the competition.  If you’d like to compete but don’t have a team we have a signup sheet by the white board.  If you’d like to help judge please add your name to the sheet.

For more info go to:


*The next Strength Program will start today.  Email Eric at Fallscitystrength@gmail for more info.