Tuesday, April 9th

Warmup: Banded Good Mornings 4×10 & DB Death March 4x50ft

Deadlifts 4×4@85% 1RM


10:00 AMRAP of:

3-Bar Facing Burpees

2-Deadlifts (225/155)

1-Ring Muscle Up

4-Bar Facing Burpees


2-Ring Muscle Ups

5-Bar Facing Burpees


3-Ring Muscle Ups


*The Granite Games Open starts this Wednesday, April 10th!  

Sign up at: https://thegranitegames.com

*All members and their families are invited to watch the air show and Thunder at The Ville this Saturday!  We’ll have a potluck, play some games, and hang out.  We’ll start around 2:00pm but we’ll be open all day until Thunder is over.  Hope you can make it!  We’ll have our normal class times on Saturday as well.