Saturday, August 17th

Full Clean 5×2@90% 1RM


50-Calorie Ski Erg

25-Clean & Jerks (155/105)

50-Calorie Row

50-Wall Balls (20/14)

For time.

*Today at 11:30am we will have our Granite Games Fall Throwdown clinic.  If you are registered for the Fall Throwdown (or plan on being registered soon) come with your team to go over the workouts, specific movements, and strategies on each of the workouts.  This clinic is free for members and only $10/person for anyone else who is registered to compete!

*Get your team registered for the Granite Games Fall Throwdown here at The Ville September 14th!  Learn more about the Throwdown here:   

*We also need volunteers for the Granite Games.  Volunteers will receive a Granite Games Throwdown shirt, Quills coffee, Fuel Meal Prep Breakfast, Fit Aid, RX Bar, Good Wood Lunch and more!  It’ll be a fun filled day as a competitor OR a volunteer!  Sign up at: