Monday, December 30th

Skill: Strongman Day

Practice each event, then perform each movement for 1:00, resting for 2:00 between events.

Sled Push (+90/45) for distance

Tire Flips for reps

Yoke Walk (+180/100) for distance

D Ball Cleans (150/80) for reps

Farmers Carry (+90/50) for distance

Log G2OH (+50/empty log) for reps

Sled Drag (+135/90) for distance

Score = total reps.  For distance movements 5 feet = 1 rep.

*Our FREE New Years Day workout will be at 10:30.  Bring a friend!  All other class times and open gym times are cancelled.

*The 6:00pm class on New Years Eve is cancelled.  There will be no open gym after 6:00pm.