Massage Services

CrossFit the Ville is excited to offer massage services from Aimee Sikele, LMT!


Aimee Sikele, LMT
I became a massage therapist because I love the whole beautiful concept that there can be healing through human touch and that I can play a part in someone’s healing process physically, emotionally, and maybe even spiritually as stress is released from the body.

In 2007, I almost died when stress caused my whole body to crash and all my organs started to shut down. I wish now that I had been more educated then about the benefits of massage and how it may have aided in my healing process or even prevented the crash from happening. My desire is to help others to relieve stress and tension and allow my massages to be part of their overall wellness and healing process.

I graduated from Indiana Wellness College in September of 2020. I enjoy doing Swedish massage to help clients relax, and I also use Deep Tissue and Sports Massage techniques to get into the muscles and work on adhesions and tightness, as well as Thai and other stretches to help loosen muscles.

By appointment only
Call/Text: 909.278.9574

Massage Prices:

30 minutes = $30

60 minutes = $60

90 minutes = $90

120 minutes = $120


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