Traveling CrossFitters

If you have completed an on-ramp or elements program you are welcome at any of our classes.  Just show up a few minutes before class to sign a waiver and pay and you’re set.

Drop in class is $15 for fellow CrossFitters.  If you buy a shirt for $20 the class is free!

If you happen to be staying for a week or longer and plan on attending multiple classes please email us with specifics for a reduced cost/class.

We have showers and a changing area if you need to shower after class but do not provide towels.


If you are in town for a short or an extended stay we welcome you to CrossFit The Ville!  We are a drop in friendly CrossFit, within a mile of most of the downtown hotels.  If you are looking for a quiet, more relaxing stay yet still within 5 miles from downtown we invite you to take a look at our Airbnb listing below!  Included in your stay will be a CrossFit the Ville membership while you are in town!  We also have a garage gym if you are crunched for time.