Friday, July 20th

Rest Day.


*If you would attend a 9:00am class please sign the sheet located on the clip board by the whiteboard up front.


*Sunday, August 5th we are having our Ville get together at the Barnetts house, everyone is invited!  We’ll watch the final day of the CrossFit Games, eat, swim, and we’ll even have a few chances to workout.  Call, text or email Daniel for the address.  Family friendly so bring the kids!

Thursday, July 19th

Deload Week

Plyo Pushups 12-12-12

(Hands between plates, pushup off ground, pushup off plates =2 reps)

DB Rows 12-12-12


400M Run

30 Ring Pushups

30 Ring Rows

30 Situps

400M Run

20 Ring Pushups

20 Ring Rows

20 Situps

400M Run

10 Ring Pushups

10 Ring Rows

10 Situps

for time.

*compare to 6/20/17

Wednesday, July 18th

Deload Week starts today

DB Jump Squats 12-12-12

Single Leg RDL 6-6-6/leg


21-15-9 reps each of:

DB Step Ups, 24/20″ (25/15’s, RX+=35/25’s, per leg)

Toes thru Rings

Squats Holding Plate (45/25)

Burpees Onto Plate (45/25)

for time.

*compare to 8/21/17

Tuesday, July 17th

Push Press 4-4-4-4 to a 4RM

Straight Arm Pulldowns 8-8-8-8


Three 2:00 Rounds of:

15/12 Calorie Row (RX+=20/15 Calorie)

Max Reps S2OH (95/65)

rest 1:00 then,

Three 2:00 Rounds of:

15 Box Jump Overs, 24/20″ (RX+=20 reps)

Max Reps KBS’s (53/35#)

Score = Total Reps of S2OH & KBS


*Bonus WOD*

5-Clapping Pushups

10-V Ups